Dear Santa

Cold winter nights give you plenty of time to mull things over.  For the photographer, the scarcity of daylight is a chance to consider his work: where, why, how and what for?
Shoreline at Grain, October 2010

As documented on this site and in my recent book, I’ve spent most of 2010 working in medium format.  I’ve enjoyed the change of pace and method, and I want to do more.  The time is right, I feel, to invest in better gear which will make achieving quality results – consistently – just a little easier.

Here are the two main options I’ve been thinking about:

1) Mamiya 6: medium format film rangefinder. Pros: compact body with great (and collapsible) lenses: 50mm, 75mm, 150mm. Cons: expense and hassle of shooting film (film, processing, scanning).

2) Nikon D700: full frame (35mm) digital.  Pros: Large choice of excellent glass, rugged body, digital convenience. Cons: the built-in redundancy and value loss of digital bodies.

I’m leaning towards the full Mamiya 6 set because I think it will really suit what and how I shoot.  The D700 is a quality camera but it is expensive and rather long in the tooth.  For the same money, you can  get a complete Mamiya set and it will hold its value better than the Nikon.

Dear Santa…

Even Santa's in square format nowadays. Image PV2422, © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London