1st Mamiya 6 images

I just got from my first rolls of Mamiya 6 shot photos back from the lab.

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

The results are mixed: the first roll was expired print film which came with the camera – and it was not up to much. The photos had odd colour shifts and came out much darker than expected. Never mind, my next films were one roll of Fuji Reala 400 then Provia 400 afterwards. These images are more encouraging and I was getting acquainted with the camera’s character. I made test shots using all three lenses, usually on a tripod. The lab scans are medium resolution so it’s difficult to judge image sharpness properly; I really need to look at the slides on a light box. There is a fair amount of grain too – due to the 400 ISO film – so my next rolls will be with 100 ISO Fuji E6 film in daylight. That should make an interesting comparison.

The bright shots of Ravensbourne College were shot on E6. The other pictures were shot in dull overcast conditions on C41: yes, they are colour but only just. Here are some representative samples.

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