First light

The Menin Gate, November 2010

Happy new year.

My photographic resolutions for 2011 are simple:

i) take better pictures

ii) get out more and mix things up (in terms of subject and location)

iii) develop projects

In gear-related news, I am fortunate enough to have recently acquired a Mamiya 6 rangefinder.

Mamiya 6 with 50mm, 75mm and 150mm lenses (Image courtesy of Anthony Cash)

I have shot some test rolls over Christmas which are heading to the lab this week so I’ll share some initial results soon. The M6 is a pleasantly simple camera to use and I am really looking forward to shooting it this year. Having a proper wide lens (the 50mm which is equivalent to 28mm in 35mm format) is particularly exciting as this is something I’ve been missing with the Yashicamat’s normal fixed lens.