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2nd roll from Ricoh GR-1

With daylight hours growing shorter as winter approaches, I’ve been making an extra effort to photograph at every suitable opportunity. The portable form factor of the Ricoh GR-1 is doing its job, travelling everywhere with me and providing a useful prompt to stop and make some pictures. My second roll of images with the Ricoh was once more shot on Velvia 50  (note to self: buy some faster film for the gloomy months ahead).

I had the film processed and scanned at the Darkroom in Cheltenham whose service, including free postage, was swift. For 35mm film, I prefer to order medium-resolution scans (1545 pixels longest side from the Darkroom) from the lab to give me an instant overview of the photographs and enable me to send files to Lightroom. I’ve been impressed by the Darkroom’s scans which (according to the metadata) are produced on a Noritsu Koki QSS 32_33 scanner. As I have struggled on occasion to satisfactorily colour correct my own slide film scans so I really appreciate the instant gratification of someone else (or some nifty software) doing this work for me.

Here are some samples from the second Ricoh roll, followed by a link to the whole roll at bottom.