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Landscapes of the Estuary, 27 July

Museum-Of-London-Photography by .
Estuary’, currently showing at the Museum of London Docklands, brings together the work of artists who have been inspired by the outer limits of the Thames where the river becomes the sea. Next Saturday, Gordon and I will be leading a photographic field trip ‘Landscapes of the Estuary’ for the Museum, one of its Estuary-inspired events.

Our vision for the day is to provide a ‘tasting menu’ of signature estuary locations for our participating photographers. We’ll start from London Bridge and head eastward to photograph some of our favourite places with the group, including Gravesend, Lower Halstow and Whitstable. We’ll also visit historic lightship LV21 at Gillingham during the trip. Whatever the weather does, it should be a enjoyable and engaging day.

To celebrate the exhibition and event, I have compiled a small gallery of my estuary work. To visit the gallery, please click the image below.

Shellness XDO Post
Shellness XDO Post, Isle of Harty, Kent